Georgina began designing jewelry at the early age of seven years old, creating her first piece from one of her mother’s accessories and constructing it by using her father’s hand tools.

She has always had a passion for fashion and the arts, but her first love was handcrafted jewelry.

Georgina’s designs are characterized by a mixture of textures and diverse materials as well the combination of different techniques to create a unique and one-of-a-kind piece. 

Georgina Veratas lives her life by following her dreams with determination and dedication. Through her jewelry is how she expresses herself, and this is her passion.


Art Statement:

My jewelry collection has two sides: fierce and confident or classy and chic.

While creating each piece, I am open to the possibilities of using all materials, never limiting myself to only a few types. I am constantly trying to innovate, taking pride in always keeping my designs fresh and current with today’s fashion trends.

Every piece by Georgina Veratas features semi precious stones, crystals and high quality metals creating a new category between fashion and fine jewely.

All Georgina Veratas Jewelry are unique and handmade in New York City.